Certifications We Offer

IQC offers unique and valuable certifications in a number of subjects

Just take the included courses, complete a final survey, and earn a certificate that you can proudly

include on your resume or display on LinkedIn

Coaching Essentials

Do you want to bring your team to the next level? Learn how to be an effective coach with this 10-course series 

Courses: Introduction to Coaching, Using Coaching Models, Establishing a Coaching Culture, Building Trust and Rapport, Asking the Right Questions, The Art of Listening (for Coaching), The Power of Silence, The Importance of Goal Setting, Creating Accountability, & Giving Effective Feedback 

Cybersecurity Basics

Learn the basics of protecting your organization's data as well as your own in this informative 5-course series.

Courses: The Power of a Strong Password, The Danger of Viruses and Malware, Keeping Your Data Safe, Keeping Your Mobile Safe, & The Risks of Ransomware

Customer Service Essentials

Do right by your customers and expand your customer service skillset through this 10-course series

Courses: Managing Customer Service Across Channels, The Importance of Brand, Customer Relationships, Customer Loyalty, Effective Problem Solving, Handling Complaints Gracefully, Cross-selling and Up-selling, Managing Customer Expectations, Technology, & Going Beyond Customer Service

Marketing Essentials

Expand your reach and drive in new business with this innovative 10-course series

Courses: Your Shop Window - Your Website, Do Your Research (Brand and Product), Know Your Customers, The Power of Social Media, Curating the Right Content, The Role of Partnerships, Brand Ambassadors, The Power of Networking, Show - Don't Tell, & Introduction to Marketing

Training Your Team

Learn how to create and implement effective training to constantly improve your team in this 5-course series

Courses: The Psychology of Learning, Learning Styles, The Power of Microlearning, Defining Learning Objectives, & Learning ROI

Nurturing a Collaborative Environment

Ensure your team is working together in a positive environment and set them up for success with this 10-course series

Courses: The Power of Teamworking, Setting Common Goals, Collaboration, Celebrating Differences and Diversity, Building Trust and Respect, Roles and Responsibilities, Communicating Openly, Encouraging Different Opinions, Dealing with Difficult Personalities, & Celebrating Success

...and more coming soon!